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The Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP) is a 12-stage step approach to support those with a fear of water, providing them with the confidence, skills and techniques to enjoy the unique freedom that only being in water can give.

Distinctive from swimming programmes, ALP focuses on eliminating and desensitising fear, with the physical mechanics of swimming being secondary. The aim of the programme is to teach a participant how to relax, float, feel happy and in control in the water and reduce all

stresses in a safe and careful way. Taught by a certified Aquaphobia Coach, each course is tailored to the individual’s personal needs and degree of fear, going at their own preferred pace, so they feel uplifted, encouraged and comfortable to undertake lessons on a regular basis.

When a person has achieved a stage, they then progress on to the next one in sequence, with no set timescale or pressures on the individual they will learn key swimming skills that really boost enjoyment and relaxation. By going through the 12 steps, participants will grow in confidence and learn the basic principles of: entering, standing, floating, moving and breathing in water. Creator & author of the course Master Coach Mike Burman LIII said: “As each new swimming action is correctly learned, it is embedded into both the conscious and subconscious mind and also into muscle memory. This increases the skill base, knowledge and self-belief in each individual. “As the skill level goes up, the fear reduces. You will never be rushed into achieving the next stage. We understand that some aquatic skills are easier learnt than others with some aspects of the fear being more entrenched than others.“Every achievement, however small, is a milestone. Something to be proud of, boost confidence and be happy about”.

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