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Book the IOA full online induction interview.

Either 30 minutes or 1 hour

Not included in the IOA membership fee.

Book an online interview with a specialist aquaphobia coach!

Find out your percentage of Aquaphobia, by completing our

academically designed, 25 question interview process, guided

by your coach.

Learn about the Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP) structure, and how we can desensitise you from your fear of swimming. 12-stage program.

Talk about your fear of water and swimming with a trained aquaphobia specialist, who understands how this phobia and fear affects your life.

We teach you breathing and body relaxation techniques, to help you through times of water related stress.

We send you a summary report of the interview which you can take to an aquaphobia coach when you have an actual ALP lesson in the water.

Contact email:

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