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The Institute of Aquaphobia aims to help everybody, on a multi-cultural & inclusive basis, who has a fear of water to overcome their worries and concerns and learn to feel happy and relaxed in or around pools, rivers, lakes or the sea.

We achieve this by using the Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP). Taught by certified “Aquaphobia Coaches” who have been through the industry accredited - Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobia (CTA) training courses.

The IOA’s worldwide community brings together people from around the globe, who have a personal or professional interest in helping individuals be free from this lifechanging phobia and stresses relating to aquatic events or experiences. You can be a part of this amazing network, either as a member of the public, interested in overcoming aquaphobia or a swimming teacher training to be an Aquaphobia “Angel” Coach. The IOA aims, with global partners, to further all aspects of learning that advances scientific research, community networks and best practice by professionals. Everybody regardless of age, needs to be able to relax with basic swimming skills for personal, social/pleasure, mental and physical health reasons. Most importantly for life-preservation when in or near any kind areas of water. To advance education in the water and using the latest Virtual Reality technology for multimedia, so we can truly reach everybody wherever they are in the world, on their phones or tablets.

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